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Paradox - Website der G.S.P.V Parafrid


Disputes are very dynamic; Each year there will be at least one member added, while sometimes others leave the dispute because they graduate and found work somewhere elese. A dispute has its own evening where they gather to drink, eat or engage in fun activities together.


Paradox; “An apparent contradiction ‘

Hello everyone, we are Paradox, currently the only dispute of Parafrid. We were established in 2015-2016 by Joan Slagter and Mirthe Dekker.

We then started with the following people:

Laura Wassen; 

a true animal lover, loves to play board games, and talent to sing WhatsApp voice messages

Rebecca Beunk; 

She loves jumping, but also every week dressage lessons rides and also loves to have fun!

Judith Ekamper;

a pretty blonde who you can often find in the ACLO (or at a festival)

Marijn Oostveen;

an Amazon that is getting excellent grades and loves too volleyball. She loves to go out!

Stanzi Sijtstra;

a busy bee who always has something to do with paradox or with friends to go on short city breaks to Berlin, with Stanzi you never get bored!

Patricia Groen;

a real penny girl, complete with Swarovski rhinestones and a pink cap (okay, that last one might not be true)

Janneke Bolt;

a real flirt! She keeps both the horses and the men under control.

Anoek Hietkamp;

a lady who can do everything, especially with a few beers. Always up for fun and also a great equistrian.

Joan Slagter;

one of the founders of Paradox, besides talent for riding she definitely has talent to build a nice party!

Mirthe Dekker;

alongside Joan the 2nd founder of Paradox, unfortunately she now studies in Almelo, but she comes every last Friday of the month with screeching tires back to the beautiful Grunn to meet Paradox!

New member

Every year we have a new member:

Claudia Bekhuis;

always up for a nice party and brings the fun always with her. Besides how fun she is, she is also a good rider and an excellent student!

We organise every year an activity for the members and choose every year a new member for our dispute! If you have any questions please contact us!